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Exclusive Patners

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Parco Valentino meets Ferrari! Torino Auto Show is the first outdoor car show in Europe. Along the evocative boulevards of the beautiful Parco Valentino, automobile manufacturers exhibit their premieres and newest cars and car designers reveal their idea of the future with prototypes and concept cars. Parco Valentino is partner of Red Travel as it celebrates passion for cars thanks to a Grand Prix dedicated to the brand Ferrari. Major car lovers and Ferrari owners from all over the world meet in Torino for an esclusive kermesse which honors the Prancing Horse in the unique location of Parco del Valentino in Torino, which saw numerous Formula 1 Grand Prixs taking place in Torino from the 30s to the 50s. In 2017, from 7 to 11 June, 800.000 visitors are attended, there will be special one-of cars, various collectors and on Saturday, June 10th, Turin streets and squares will host thematic car parades that end with the usual appointment at Gran Premio Parco Valentino, the event that spread collectors’ and clubs’ passion through the city and its most evocative streets.

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Parco Valentino



意大利拉克斯公司(LUXE OF ITALY)是红色旅游的合作伙伴之一,专门为那些希望自己租赁顶级豪车的客人提供服务,公司的客户涵盖全世界。公司在意大利、蓝色海岸和瑞士的任何城市提供法拉利、玛莎拉蒂、兰博基尼的最新车型。
意大利拉克斯公司(LUXE OF ITALY)出租法拉利、兰博基尼和玛莎拉蒂这3个最著名的意大利运动汽车品牌全系列,其租赁范围涵盖了意大利所有顶级汽车品牌,包括最新的法拉利488 Spider、法拉利488 GTB、法拉利458 Speciale、法拉利California T、法拉利458 Spider、法拉利458 Italia、新的兰博基尼Huracan LP610-4E-Gearj 新的兰博基尼Aventador LP7000-4 以及玛莎拉蒂Ghibli、Levante、Quattroporte、GranTurismo。公司还出租最新的阿斯顿·马丁、宾利、劳斯莱斯、保时捷、宝马、奔驰等驰名豪车 。
意大利拉克斯公司(LUXE OF ITALY)与其他专门出租豪车的不同在于其独特的其经营理念:保证那些有特权的阶层的特权,也就是说,只有自己拥有顶级豪车的客户才能租赁意大利拉克斯公司(LUXE OF ITALY)旗下的顶级豪车。

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Luxe of Italy


BELLEVY.COM is the first outlet store to buy on line directly from Italian producer, and to purchase on line at the best price new product of Italy 2012 / 2013. is an innovative e-commerce to sell on line the best of made in Italy: the shop on line for excellence Italian product!

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Passion4Luxury, dedicated to Luxury, Lifestyle, as well as promoting new Products.




意大利时装屋的豪华香水XerJoff是最具创新性的现代研究与古老的自然宝藏的融合。 每种XerJoff香料收集,是通过手工采集天然珍贵的香料和精细的蒸馏工艺加工的独家组合的精致复杂的和谐搭配。其细节的一丝不苟,甚至明显的体现在盛满珍贵香水的瓶子:真正的艺术作品,手工限量制造,以乌木为基础,用水晶雕刻的瓶或用Murano玻璃吹制。一切都严格按照“意大利制造”的细节流程。 XerJoff的产品是艺术品和奢侈品鉴赏家、收藏家的惊喜。




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