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I would like to thank you and Red Travel company for terrific time we have spent on Sardinia. As you well know 13th of August is a very special date for us and each year I am trying to somehow celebrate it in a very special way. Thank you very much for making it so special: everything was VERY good: the car, the island, the route, the cultural part of the program.I would like additionally to thank you for your recommendation regarding the hotel accommodation. The level of service, beach facilities, restaurants are very impressing.

Once again, I would like to emphasize that the tours we have taken via Red Travel are always very well-thought, thoroughly organized and therefore very impressive.

Thank you for such a wonderful vacation that we have on Sardinia.

I hope it will become a wonderful tradition for us to spend several beautiful days in August driving a beautiful car.

Thank you very much for making our dreams become true.

Could you please also pass my thanks to Lorenzo who was also very helpful and cooperative.

Best regards,

A couple from Russia

Once again, I want to thank you for the arrangement of our journey in Italy… It was FANTASTIC!

Our Tour Director, Lorenzo Libotte was brilliant and a very nice gentleman. The drive in the Ferrari was out of this world and we enjoyed like kids… and of course the beautiful hotels, excellent cuisine say the entire experience was most unforgettable.

We love Italy and Ferrari!

With my personal regards,

A couple from Canada
(Reference agency: Leisure Far East, Hong Kong, China)

My wife and I had an excellent Ferrari tour and I will certainly do this again. It was quite honestly one of the best trips we have ever taken, and the tour director Lorenzo was a very nice guy to be with, and my wife and I enjoyed him very much. Lorenzo really did make our trip very enjoyable and I do want Red Travel to know that. He's a great guy.

A couple from Canada

Just a short note to follow up on our recent Ferrari drive with you in Italy.
It was a remarkable trip that was very professionally organized and went off
without a hitch. The mix of driving and visits to normal tourist
attractions was very well balanced and all the restaurants we dined at were
top class. However, the thrill was extending the Ferrari and this was a
very special experience on normal roads around beautiful countryside. The
total enjoyment of the trip was in no small way due to your low key
professional approach. You made everything happen with the minimum of fuss.
Congratulations on a job well done. I look forward to having contact with
you some time in the future.

A couple from Australia
(Reference agency: Travel Concepts, Australia)

"It was my first day in my dream city – Rome. I walked along the oldest streets and paths full of great surprises and breathtaking views. There were beautiful historical buildings and structures everywhere, remains of the grand Servian Wall could still be seen. St. Peter’s Basilica, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, The Mouth of Truth…. I stared in awe at these famous landmarks. Although we could not experience the spectacular time of Rome of the past, I felt the amazing grandeur of this historical city.

On the second day, we left the marvellous city of Rome and entered into the breathtaking Tuscany countryside, incredibly stunning and magnificent views everywhere, just as I had seen them in the pictures! The mountains were all connected like a sleeping giant, covered by a blanket of wheat fields. This was God’s amazing creation! In the light breeze, the wheat danced among the grass, a hint of the smell of mud. Most impressive to me was that the mountains seemed untouchable; in the depths of the mountains, we could occasionally spot local farmers, in such scenic beauty, I was dissolved into the lovely picture. Even driving most exciting and powerful horse (Ferrari), I still felt tiny and insignificant in the picture. No word could express that feeling inside and the emotions that I felt.

The third and fourth day were full of surprises and enjoyment, I felt the magic of the nature and experienced the unlimited power and wisdom of the human being. Most of all, I have to thank the friends who bought us in this unforgettable journey, I must say “Thanks” from the bottom of my heart!"

A couple from China
(Reference agency: Leisure Far East, Hong Kong, China)

"Dear Mr. Levy,

I am the Managing Director of one of the leading infrastructure developers in Thailand. Recently, myself and five other colleagues and friends (each of whom are heads of major Thai companies) had the chance to experience a three-day Red Travel tour from Rome to Florence.

I am writing to you because I would like you to know that we thoroughly and immensely enjoyed this experience. Of course a big part of our enjoyment were the Ferrari vehicles themselves. From the moment we saw them at the port outside of Rome, until we made our final, sad goodbye in Florence, all 6 of us had huge smiles on our faces which would not go away. We particularly enjoyed the opportunity to drive three different models (the 430, 612 and, my personal favorite, the 599) making each of the three days experiences new and exciting for us.

However, while the cars were certainly a big part of our enjoyment, I also want to make special note of, and want you to be aware of, the fantastic organization and support made by your Red Travel team. First of all, our lead driver, Lorenzo, did a wonderful job of familiarizing us to the workings of each of the models and then leading us through perfect driving roads in gorgeous settings. I have to say we were concerned before we started the trip that the lead driver would force us to drive very conservatively, which would have made the journey less fun and exciting. However, Lorenzo lead us at just the perfect speeds, fast enough to enjoy the fun and thrill of Ferrari car driving, but always safe and mindful of the road conditions and speed traps. In this way we found we could just relax and enjoy the driving, knowing that Lorenzo would lead us just the right speeds. Lorenzo also was always very helpful and friendly, answering all our many questions about the cars and made the trip a real pleasure

Dominic, in the following car, was also very friendly and helpful. Every stop was effortless for us as Dominic would have already arrived with our luggage which was already waiting for us, and he would then take the cars from us so we only had to stop and step out of them without care or worry. When we returned, the cars would be perfectly lined up right in front of our destination, pointed in the way we needed to go (and usually with a crowd of people enviously gawking at them and taking their photographs). Our running joke for the trip was that we learned how to put the cars in reverse on the first day, but then never actually had to use this knowledge because the team kept doing this for us!

Finally, I especially want to mention Antonella Nobile, who arranged the whole trip for us. Not only did Antonella organize the Ferrari Tour for us, but she also helped with all the other details of our trip to Italy (which included many of our families - a total of 16 people - and visits to Rome, Florence and Venice and the touring, lodging and transportation arrangements our group). Needless to say this was a very big task, and Antonella was invaluable in making fantastic arrangements for us and dealing with the many changes and other difficult logistics of a large group like ours. Not only did Antonella make these arrangements, but she also did a wonderful job of continuing to follow up with each of our steps, even after the Ferrari trip was done, to ensure every step went smoothly. With out her help, our trip would not have gone so well or been as enjoyable, and so she deserves special recognition for her services. We were also pleased and surprised that she joined us during the Ferrari trip and helped organize and plan each stop and happily accommodated all our requests and changes.

In sum, Lorenzo, Dominic and Antonella turned a good experience into a fantastic one which we will all remember for the rest of our lives. They were true professionals who went above and beyond the call of duty to make our experience a special one.

Having now returned to Bangkok, we are already hard at the task of organizing all of our photos and videos, and excitedly telling our friends of our wonderful experience. Quite a few have already indicated that they plan to give your experience a go, and we ourselves also hope to have the chance to experience the fun and excitement of the "Red Travel Experience" again in the future.

Please count us in as one of your very satisfied customers and we will recommend your group to all of our friends and acquaintances. Please also let me know if you ever have the chance to travel to Bangkok. We would be delighted to meet you and help you enjoy your stay here.

Kind regards"

A client from Thailand

"Everything was well organized, the F430 Spider we drove was in good condition and the sceneries along the road were simply breath taking. We enjoyed the trip very much especially dining in the Michelin 3 stars restaurant which you had managed to book for us despite very short notice. Our feelings were good not only because of the good food and atmosphere but also because we knew that you really care for our concerns and that we were well taken care of. We will certainly tell our friends about this fantastic experience."

A couple from Hong Kong
(Reference agency: Leisure Far East, Hong Kong, China)

"We were very happy with the Ferrari tour we did. Everything was well organised and we had a real good time!!"

A couple from The Netherlands
(Reference agency: Silverjet, Apeldoorm, The Netherlands)

  • “The tourguide was extremely punctual; which was great, so we had never to wait for anybody”
  • “The cities and places you have chosen for the trip were very interesting and beautiful”
  • “All the time the cars where parked for us, so we could just jump in and forward the journey”
  • “We felt that everybody was concerned that the trip will be a fantastic experience for everybody”
  • “It was so nice how everybody managed to make the best for the Austrian couple who had their flight delayed”
  • “We will definitely tell everybody about this great trip”

A couple from Switzeland
(Reference agency: Travel Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland)

My boss asked me to get my passport ready for Thursday morning and reminded to pack casual only. When he, another good friend of ours and I checked in for the plane to Rome, he still didn't tell me what we were going to do but I didn't mind as long as our destination was Italy and there was no business related matter. Italian food and the streets of Rome itself were enough for me to recharge my almost depleted batteries. It was simply great to spend a few days off from the terribly hard situations we had both experienced in the past couple of months involving lawyers, courts, banks etc. A comfortable van with two staff picked us up at the airport and we drove off to the seaside to a smart yacht club. There I thought the boss had planned a few days of sailing, which is my passion as well as biking. Two red covered cars, apparently Ferrari's, were parked in front of the yachts. I thought there would be a car magazine shooting or something later in the day. They took us up to the terrace where we were served light snacks and drinks and the surprise unveiled: a three day Ferrari trip in Tuscany.

Thereon, the RedTravel owner Andrea Levy took charge of the whole operation. It was absolutely perfect. The Ferrari's, Maranello and F430 were both red, both equipped with F1 gear, both brand new, in fact F430 had only 800 kms on it and we were the first customers to drive it. Andrea gave us a briefing about the trip, then showed us the details of the cars, the gear system etc. We took a 60 km tour to get used to the cars and drove back to Rome in the van for shopping and spending the night. The hotel selection was perfect; Exedra, a beautiful historic building right in the heart of the city, Piazza Republica. Next morning we drove back 40 kms to the yacht club in Civitavecchia where the journey began. Andrea gave us a walkie talkie and lead the tour in an Alfa Romeo GTV. He warned us if there were cops so we never had a ticket. The van carried our luggage to the next hotel. We enjoyed the fantastic roads and scenery of Tuscany where we tested the 500 HP of the monsters we were driving. Lunch was by Lake Bolsena at a nice little trattoria. The day ended at the beautiful Spa-Thermal Hotel Fonteverde. A nice massage, a pool with all kinds of hydromassage alternatives in the thermal waters were followed by coctails at sunset and a fantastic dinner. Next morning we set off for Siena, Montepulciano, more sightseeing, wine shopping etc. We switched cars as many times as we wanted, tried to figure out which one was better. Although Maranello had more power, we liked the F430 better. The day ended again at the same hotel, more massages and treatments at the Spa. Sunday morning we drove back to the yacht club and the van took us back to the airport.

We never worried about where and how to park cars, the van would be at our stopping destination, waiting for us with convenient parking. The cars would be washed, tanks filled, ready to roll right at our doorstep each morning. The staff was curteous and almost invisible. We would select the restaurant where we wanted to dine, they would come with us, wait us to order, pay for the bill, disappear during the dinner or lunch and be back as we are about to finish our coffees. We could make as many alterations to the plan as we wanted. Andrea took care of all changes immediately and adjusted the rest of the program.

A client from Turkey



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